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Welcome to Maitland River Elementary School – A Great Place To Be!
Maitland River Elementary School is the educational home for about 430 students from Kindergarten to Grade 6. Our school team works to provide an atmosphere where children develop in a caring and nurturing learning environment that is carefully crafted, yet ever changing, to meet the diverse needs of all of our students.
We have an extremely supportive School Council. Parents contribute a great deal to our school community through their involvement in many facets of our educational experiences. Their support is appreciated and necessary to move our school forward academically and socially.
We have intense, well aligned school goals; these goals are directly related to the Avon Maitland District School Board’s strategic plan. We have committed to maximizing outcomes for students and to creating positive and inclusive learning environments. I will share a little about the way we do this.
Improving student achievement in literacy and numeracy, with a continued focus on non-fiction writing, as a subject on its own, and across the curriculum continues. We have implemented, school-wide, four main purposes for reading and writing:
To narrate
To describe
To persuade
To inform
(to explain, to recount, to instruct, to report).
It is the purpose of “to explain” that we are continuing to delve into with a laser-like focus; we are working to define the very best means for teaching and encouraging students “to explain” their thinking, especially in reading and math. At the same time, we take into consideration the four categories of knowledge and skills:
Knowledge and Understanding
It is the “thinking” category that we have put at the forefront again this year. We are learning how to teach students to “make their thinking visible”.
Our work in creating positive and inclusive learning environments is something that we are proud of. We have so many activities in place to ensure this happens; here I will share two main ones. Each and every student and staff member is on a house team. House teams meet in multi-aged groupings at least once monthly to give student voice to many of our initiatives (e.g. environmental, inclusive practices, and character development). As well, we have adopted a school-wide, sometimes progressive approach to negative behaviours.
Ignore (but only for one day)
Say Stop (use strong words to describe what you do not like)
Report (to adults until you feel the matter is resolved).
If and when something is reported we follow the HOAP process:
The purpose of this process is ensure care for all involved, to increase student accountability, to teach conflict resolution skills, and to put in place a plan so that the behaviour is not repeated.
There are many opportunities for volunteers. We are always seeking people to work directly with students who could use an extra layer of support. Please call the school if you would like to volunteer and you will be helped through the process.
Thank you for visiting this website. Our hope is to update it regularly with School Council news, Twitter and Facebook postings, and the monthly newsletter, etc.
For further information, please do not hesitate to contact me at 519-357-3551 or at [email protected]
Maitland River Elementary School – A Great Place To Be!
Angela Cowley, Principal

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