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250 John Street, Box 640, Wingham, ON N0G 2W0
Telephone: (519) 357-3551 Fax: (519) 357-2174
Principal - Alice McDowell
Vice Principal - Marie McDade

Welcome to Maitland River Elementary School

Principal - Alice McDowellDear Families,

At Maitland River Elementary School our mission is to provide positive learning opportunities of the highest standard for all learners to realize their full potential. We envision a school that provides a safe and welcoming environment. We will work to facilitate the potential of all students, one student at a time, by promoting academic excellence, good character and a healthy lifestyle.

As a school we believe it is our role to encourage students to value the importance of education, to develop and realize their full potential, to think and solve problems effectively, to become life-long learners, to communicate effectively, to collaborate and to have respect for self, others and the environment. We believe we are developing students who have a strong sense of community and their role within it. Of the utmost importance to us is to instill in our students a Love of Learning; a passion for creativity and an ability to be critical thinkers.

We know the key to our success will be the communication with all of our educational partners. We encourage and invite all partners to contact us at any time. We thank you for being a part of this amazing educational experience and look forward to a wonderful year ahead.


Alice McDowell, Principal
Marie McDade.

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